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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice - Online

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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice - Online

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Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice - Online Informationen über Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice - Online
CDES.301A – Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice:

The Finding Your Entrepreneurial Voice course is an eight week online course. Students who complete this course will: 

Identify their entrepreneurial voice
Analyze their competitive landscape
Learn about appropriate product markets and product placement

Students will have the opportunity to examine the entrepreneurial mindset and to compare their skills, strengths, and goals to those of successful entrepreneurs. In this highly engaging and media-rich Signature Product course, students will progress through a series of modules that will help them to both identify and develop a design business idea using practical skills.

Target group:
English-speaking, special interest in the field of design or existing design-knowledge.

Course duration:
8 weeks


Course Fee:
650 EUR
The first 20 Onliner will receive a 50% discount.

A prestigious certificate of attendance of the HTK Online in cooperation with the LDU (Laureate Design Universities), access possibilities to courses or even complete modules with the option to achieve a final certificate. First start date: April 2017

Hello from a  creative  place
The htk - academy of design is the place for creative people, designers and visual storytellers.   Here you learn to develop and visualize your ideas, so you can share your inspiration with the world.

Together with your creative talents and skills, our design courses enable you to begin a journey in which your imagination becomes the basis of a successful career.
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