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Course: Project Management Certification Training

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Course: Project Management Certification Training - London - England

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Course: Project Management Certification Training - London - England Informationen über Course: Project Management Certification Training - London - England
Course: Project Management Certification Training.


Organisations and companies compete in increasingly competitive and international markets. Within these, project management is a way to stand out.

Despite the changing economic environment, companies invest in acquiring personnel trained in this regard and adopt more professional practices to develop projects. To acknowledge this, the ESCP Europe PMP® course trains students in the methodology, techniques and tools of project management.

This five-day summer course places special emphasis on managerial skills, specifically the economic and financial management of projects in the field of business, risk management, contracts/procurement and preparation for the PMP® exam. Participants will have ongoing support once from ESCP Europe once they have completed the PMP® course.


1,200€ per person

Blended: 850€


This course can be taught in either English or Spanish, depending upon the requirements of the edition.


PMI required Diploma

Frank Bournois is the new Dean of ESCP Europe.

The CCI Paris Ile de France announces that Frank Bournois has been nominated Dean of ESCP Europe Business School. His appointment is effective as of August 18th, 2014. Frank Bournois, 51, is a full Professor of general management and cross-cultural leadership at Panthéon-Assas Paris 2 University and Director of CIFFOP (Centre interdisciplinaire de formation à la fonction personnel, an institution which delivers a renowned university degree preparing students and managers for the Human Resources sector). In 2014, he was a VisitingScholar at Princeton University.
Between 1999 and 2008, Bournois was an affiliate professor at ESCP Europe and the scientific Director of the Chair of Corporate Governance. He was also Head of the Department of Defence Studies at IHEDN (the French National institute for Defense Studies).
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