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Foundation Arts and Design

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    Foundation Arts and Design.


    The Foundation Art and Design programme provides students with a valuable introduction into a wide range of creative disciplines. Student will have the opportunity to explore a field of interest in more depth, developing their skills, knowledge and preparing them for further education/career opportunities worlds of art and fashion.

    This programme will be taught in partnership with LSBF academic faculty. It is accredited by Edexcel, the UK's largest awarding body and it offers high quality, professional and innovative programmes, widely known and respected by employers. 

    Possible Course Requirements:

    1. Minimum age: UK/EU students - 16 years old, International students - 18 years old

    2. Qualification:  Three GCSE passes (C or Above) / One A Level (Grade E or above), OR Advanced GCE in Applied Art and Design / AS GCE in Art and Design

    3.English Proficiency: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent (with one component at 4.5)

    4. Alternative: For mature students with few or no formal qualifications must apply with details of age, work experience, including any voluntary work and any other relevant experience gained since leaving school. Portfolio of work relevant to the area of study.

    Course Duration

    9 Months

    Course Structure:

    Exploratory Stage.

    • Research, Recording and Responding in Art and Design
    • Media Experimentation in Art and Design 
    Pathway Stage.

    • Preparation and Progression in Art and Design
    • Personal Experimental Studies in Art and Design (Art & Design)
    • Personal Experimental Studies in Art and Design (Fashion)
    • Information and Interpretation in Art and Design
    • Extended Media Development in Art and Design
    Confirmatory Stage.

    Final Major Project in Art and Design
    Subjects studied within the units will include:

    • Observational Drawing
    • Concept Drawing
    • Design Drawing
    • Painting
    • Illustration
    • Colour Theory and Practice
    • Collage
    • Mixed Media 
    • 2-D Art & Design Studies
    • 3-D Art & Design Studies
    • Contextual Studies
    • Digital Media
    • Fashion Design
    • Graphics and Visual Communication
    • Portfolio preparation

    Intake: February 2019 , October 2019

    About us:

    London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) is a leading UK creative university. As a specialist university covering such as Fashion, Graphic Design, Art and Creative Management.

    At our Central London campus, each student benefits from London’s vibrant culture, world-leading museums, galleries, design studios, and our industry links.

    Our career-focused programmes helps our students get hands-on experience in their chosen industry, as well as obtaining the relevant theoretical knowledge needed to embark upon a successful career.

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