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  • Anforderungen
    For admission the applicant has to fulfill the following entry requirements: - Graduation from a school which enables enrollment at a university. - Basic professional training at a catering institute, hotel school or courses related to the hotel industry (minimum 1 year). Students with a professional background are preferred. - Practical experience in tourism (hotels, travel agencies, tourism management) or any similar practical experience (minimum preferably 1 year). - All courses are conducted in English language. Prove of excellent command of English is absolutely necessary. An internationally recognized certificate proving the knowledge of English (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or equivalent) is required for applicants from non english spaking countries. - If the student’s English language is not sufficient the Institute may decide whether he/she has to participate in an extra English language course in Austria at his/her own expenses. Submission deadline for Scholarship Application - May 01 of every year Submission deadline for self sponsored applicants - June 15 of every year
  • Titel
    General Management Module
  • Inhalt
    General Management Module

    The General Module is compulsory and has to be attend by each student.

    General Module                                                                        No. of Hours per week
    Subject                                                                                1st Semester         2nd Semester
    Economics of Business                                                             2                                  2

    Financial Accounting                                                                 2                                  2
    Management Accounting                                                          2                                  2
    Internet Marketing & e-Business                                             1                                  1
    General Management                                                              1                                  1

    Marketing & Market Research                                                 1                                   1

    Regional Aspects & Sustainable Development                        2                                   2

    Pc-Applications                                                                        3                                  3

    German                                                                                   4                                  4

    Total                                                                                      16                                16

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