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Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS)

Bildungszentren: Barcelona Technology School
Methode: Mit Anwesenheitspflicht
Bildungsart: Master
Preis: 17.000 euros
Tuition Fee : 17.000 €

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Barcelona Technology School

Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS) - Barcelona - Spanien

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Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS) - Barcelona - Spanien Informationen über Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS) - Barcelona - Spanien
Master in Big Data Solutions:

The Master in Big Data Solutions is for those who want to develop their most demanded analytics and big data skills. For both profiles, the ones with previous experience in the field or the ones that want to combine their current careers with a strong knowledge in Big Data.

A previous background in the big data field is not necessary

The main objective of the Master in Big Data Solutions is to help you to improve innovation applying the most demanded analytics and Big Data skills.

The power of data is transforming every sector, that is the reason why the Master in Big Data Solution, will permit you to extract relevant insights from data, allowing you to generate strategic solutions for any kind of organization or industry.

You will use the most advanced analytics and data technologies, in order to develop skills in areas such as Data Driven Business, Infrastructure & Cloud, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Exploitation, among other subjects. The knowledge you will gain, will allow you to generate Big Data Solutions and drive innovation in a large range of sectors.

The Master in Big Data Solutions is co-organized with Eurecat, the largest Technology Centre of Catalonia. Eurecat is leading the Big Data ecosystem from Barcelona, where many international companies are relocating their digital and Big Data headquarters. Thanks to that, the city is becoming the Big Data epicenter of Europe.

General information:

General information :
Full time program
Start date: October 2019
Duration : 9 months , 60 ECTs
Language : English
Tuition Fee : 17.000 €
Degree : Master awarded by a leading University and co- organized with the biggest technological center of the region .

Develop a big digital career:

Barcelona Technology School guarantees all the students a professional experience during or after the Master. In this way, you will have access to paid internships and job offers in top tech companies that are part of the Ecosystem of BTS.
Be ready to access to more than 4 million job positions created by Big Data* in sectors such as Health care, Finance, Technology, Public Administration, Internet of Things, Marketing, among others.

*According to Gartner.

Entry requirements:

In you are interested in having a Master experience in the big data field, we only need from you:
    •    Curriculum vitae.
    •    Motivation letter: how do you think It will be the digital industry in the next five years and how could you contribute to this digital transformation.
    •    An intermediate/advance level of English is mandatory to follow the Master successfully. If you don’t hold an official English certificate, you can take the BTS English test.


Technical and Big Data skills :   

•    Data Driven Business
•    Algorithms for Data Science
•    Statistics & Programming
•    Infrastructure & Cloud
•    Data Science
•    Data Visualization & Exploitation
•    Big Data Solutions
•    Big Data Applications   

Business Skills:

•    Digital Business
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Creative Technology

About Barcelona Technology School:

The digital transformation is changing all the aspects of the human society, And it has just one limit, the imagination.

The digital ecosystem has become the new status quo, it is changing entire industries and business, relationships and any other aspect of our lifes.
We believe in a better future with digital shape. But, in order to ensure it, we need talent ready to drive the digital transformation.
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