Master Earth Sciences

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Informationen über Master Earth Sciences - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - Graz - Steiermark

  • Ziele
    - „Engineering Geology“ (engl.) - „Hydrogeologie und Hydrogeochemie“ (engl.) - „Geologie – Petrologie“ - „Geobiologie und Paläökologie“
  • Anforderungen
    abgeschlossenes Bachelorstudium
  • Titel
    Master of Science (MSc)
  • Inhalt
    Upon successful completion of the Bachelor's Programme in Earth Sciences (or approved equivalent), right of entry to the four-semester Master's Programme is granted.

    Areas of specialization for the Master's Programme in Earth Sciences include:

    - „Engineering Geology“ (engl.)  
    - „Hydrogeologie und Hydrogeochemie“ (engl.)
    - „Geologie – Petrologie“
    - „Geobiologie und Paläökologie“

    The goal of the Master's Programme is to enhance professional career opportunities by providing educational depth and breadth in key subject areas.

    Field of Activities for Earth Scientists

    Recent employment trends suggest that the strongest candidates for professional geologic positions, regardless of their area of specialization, will have a Master's Degree. The private sector offers extensive professional opportunities, particularly those industries involved in heavy civil construction, geologic hazards mitigation, environmental remediation, exploration/production of energy, and the recovery and use of raw mineral resources. Federal and local governmental agencies that are concerned with issues such as groundwater resources, infrastructure development, environmental stewardship, and public safety also employ Earth Scientists, and there exist significant opportunities for research and teaching in academia.

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