Master in Applied Image & Signal Processing

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    Master Applied Image and Signal Processing (Joint Master mit PLUS).

    Whether it’s smartphones, imaging devices or autonomously driving cars, all of them are powered by algorithms and signal processing concepts. That’s why image and signal processing is playing an increasingly important role in the information age, offering creative possibilities to solve the challenges of Big Data. The joint master programme of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Paris Lodron University of Salzburg provides you with the professional tools to shape the future of IT, business and society.

    Based on prior bachelor studies, the joint master programme for Applied Image and Signal Processing offers you thorough technical training at the cutting edge of research. With an unprecedented amount of raw data being generated by networked devices for image and signal generation, it has become vital to develop new tools and software programmes to distil useful information.

    This master programme prepares you with an advanced ability for modelling, problem solving and optimisation. It familiarises you with formal and methodical basics as well as with diverse fields of application. Highly research-oriented courses and small groups provide an appropriate setting for creating innovative approaches and creative ideas. 

    Among other topics, you will learn about:

    - mathematical models and algorithms
    - geometric modelling
    - audio processing
    - digital media formats
    - IT project management skills

    Abschluss: Diplomingenieur / Diplomingenieurin (DI)
    Studienplätze: 20
    Dauer: 4 Semester 
    Studienort: Campus Urstein / Campus Techno-Z
    Unterrichtssprache: Englisch 

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