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Master in Fintech Solutions

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Master in Fintech Solutions - Barcelona - Spanien

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Master in Fintech Solutions - Barcelona - Spanien Informationen über Master in Fintech Solutions - Barcelona - Spanien
Master in Fintech Solutions.

The Master Fintech Solutions is a program for those who are passionate for technology and finance.

No previous background in the field is needed.

The Master in Fintech Solutions gives you the tools to take direct part in the financial digital transformation.

Through the Master you will learn how to drive innovation in the financial sector. You will discover the most important disruptive technologies that are giving a new shape to the sector, also you willl understand how banks and startups are rethinking the financial services of today.

General information:

  • Full time program
  • Start date: October 2018
  • Duration: 9 months, 60 ECTs
  • Language: English
  • Tuition Fee: 17.000 €


If you are looking to have a master experience in Barcelona Technology School, we just need from you:
  • Updated CV
  • Motivation letter, explaining: how do you think technology will impact the traditional financial structures and services in the next five years and how could you contribute to this digital transformation.
  • Copy of your Bachelor’s Degree Certificate and transcript of records, as complementary documents.
  • An intermediate/advance level of English is mandatory to follow the Master successfully. If you don’t hold an official English certificate, you can take the BTS English test.


• Fintech Foundations
• Data Science
• Money Management Technologies
• Digital Economy
• Agile Management
• Fintech Sectors
• Technology & Fintech
• Frameworks & Regulations
• Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies
• Innovations & Creative technologies

About Barcelona Technology School:
Innovation is Leading the New Economy

Barcelona Technology School is a leading education project that empower the next professionals that will transform the digital industry.
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