Master in Marketing and Sales Management

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Informationen über Master in Marketing and Sales Management - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - Madrid - Spanien

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    Master in Marketing and Sales Management.

    Formato: Full Time
    Modalidad: On Campus
    Duración / Créditos: 12 meses / 70 ECTS
    Idioma: English
    Campus: Madrid 


    The Master in Marketing and Sales is designed to enable you to transform market challenges and opportunities into competitive advantages for the company. The program gives you solid training in both marketing and commercial management, as well as insight into the latest marketing trends and an in-depth understanding of the organizational aspects that generate corporate value, a key factor for the growth of any organization. 

    Upon completing the tuition period in Spain, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Kean University (USA).


    Today’s business environment is constantly evolving. Globalization, new information technologies and new distribution channels are all changing the perspective of marketing and the way we sell. To compete in a global setting, we have to access new markets, tackle new competitors and, most importantly, approach commercial and marketing management from a more innovative perspective.

    Consumers are increasingly demanding and have access to information to help them make decisions. To fulfil their demands, companies need well-rounded professionals, with updated training in marketing, the skills to cater for an increasingly fluctuating market and the capacity to take full advantage of new technologies.


    Business Intelligence

    Gaining a command of techniques and sources for obtaining information and an in-depth understanding of the creation of an information system for Marketing, Sales and Competitive Intelligence. Analysing the market situation, defining the different scenarios, ascertaining the opportunities and developing the marketing strategy.

    Strategic Vision

    Identifying opportunities, threats and possibilities for change within the company setting, directing the strategy in response to the potential sales scenarios. Getting an in-depth insight into the opportunities and risks generated by the latest trends that emerge every day, as well as adapting the company to the competitive environment.

    Executive Skills

    Leading and motivating teams in a globalized and multicultural setting. Understanding how the Marketing and Sales Department should related to the rest of the organization in order to enhance the company’s value.

    Course content.



    Module 1 - International Marketing Decisions and Market Globalization

    - Strategic management of International Marketing: competition and success keys in global markets - 6 ECTS 
    - Performance of marketing professionals in a global environment - 6 ECTS
    Module 2 - Strategic International Market Planning

    - Global markets: research and identification of the value proposition - 6 ECTS 
    - Value creation in international markets - 6 ECTS

    Module 3 - Value Management in International Markets.

    - Economic and financial management of strategic decisions in international marketing - 6 ECTS 
    - Digital marketing in international environments - 6 ECTS

    Module 4 - Go To Market.

    - Delivering international customer value - 6 ECTS 
    - Sales strategies and international comercialization - 6 ECTS

    Module 5 - Minor.

    - Minor- 10 ECTS 

    Module 6 - Internship.

    - External Internship - 6 ECTS 

    Module 7 - Master´s Thesis.

    - Master´s Thesis - 6 ECTS

    Un ecosistema innovador.

    EAE Business School es una escuela de negocios internacional que nace en 1958 y tiene alma del siglo XXI. Porque sumamos a varias décadas de experiencia la visión de vanguardia para asimilar los cambios del mundo trepidante en que vivimos, y porque de este anhelo explorador nace nuestra capacidad de innovar, de aplicar nuevas tecnologías, de aportar soluciones ante cada nuevo reto, de impulsar una cultura directiva de signo global. Así lo vienen haciendo los 77?000 directivos que se han formado con nosotros y nos representan en empresas de todo el mundo.

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