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Revenue Management Online Course - Online

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Revenue Management Online Course - Online

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Revenue Management Online Course - Online Informationen über Revenue Management Online Course - Online
Revenue Management Online Course

A highly visual and interactive course with online exercises, business cases and online forum and tutorial. Our platform allows students to connect at any moment at any given place. Our course tutors – specialists in the subject – are available to solve any questions students may have.

Who should enroll in this course?: Professionals with hotel experience and/or with studies related to tourism who would like to get a general idea of Revenue Management

Course outline:
  • Introduction
  • Key elements of Revenue Management
  • Performance Indicators: RevPar, TrevPar, Goppar
  • Tools, tecniques and concepts
  • Inventory Management vs. Rate Management
  • How to define the correct price
  • Forecasting
  • Business case
Price : 230 € (tax included)

Price includes: course, diploma, course material, access to the online platform, tutorship, forums, full access to additional information such as glossary, articles, etc.

Duration: 16 hours

Tutor : Gabi Mueller

Starting date: you may enroll at any time

Enrollment process: to enroll in the course please fill in the online form or send us your personal data via e-mail

Form of Payment: bank transfer or credit card (PayPal)

Additional information: Internet access and headphones are required to take this course
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