Bachelor Media Communication

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  • Titel
    Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Inhalt

    Degree Requirements

    48 Required credit hours in the Major (16 courses)
    36 General Education credit hours (12 courses)
    44 Elective credit hours (15 courses)
    Portfolio Review

    Required Courses

    JOUR: 1030 Fundamentals of Reporting, or     
    MEDC: 1050 Introduction to Media Writing     
    MEDC: 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications     
    MEDC: 1020 Introduction to Media Production     
    MEDC: 1630 Media Literacy     
    MEDC: 2200 Ethics in the Media     
    MEDC: 3190 Introduction to Media Research     
    MEDC: 4100 The Law and the Media     
    MEDC: 4620 Senior Overview, or     
    MEDC: 4950 Professional Media Practicum     

    Two of the following:

    MEDC     1500     Applied Media Aesthetics     
    MEDC     2800     Cultural Diversity in the Media     
    MEDC     3260     International Communications     
    SPCM     1280     Interpersonal Communication     

    One of the following:

    ADVT: 1940 Introduction to Marketing Communications
    AUDI: 1930 Audio Production I
    PHOT: 1000 Photo I
    VIDE: 1810 Video Production I
    INTM: 1600 Introduction to Interactive Media
    BJRN: 2410 Introduction to Radio-TV Journalism
    MEDC: 2900 Scriptwriting
    PBRL: 2920 Writing for Public Relations

    Plus an additional 15 credits (5 courses) in the School of Communications, with at least 9 of those credits at the 3000 or 4000 level. Six of the 9 upper-level credits must be in a single area.

    Portfolio Review

    Students pursuing the Media Communications major must be accepted into the School of Communications through the portfolio review process. The portfolio review is a formal presentation of the student’s best work to a panel of faculty. It is a review of intermediate work, not senior level work.

    Students must submit their portfolios after successfully completing the following courses:

    MEDC: 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications
    MEDC: 1020 Introduction to Media Production

    Two production courses (e.g., JOUR 1030, JOUR 3300, VIDE 1810, PHOT 1000, MEDC 2900)
    One Media Theory course

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