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Bachelor Psychology Major

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  • Titel
    Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Inhalt

    Degree Requirements

    42 Required credit hours in the Major (14 courses)
    27 General Education credit hours (9 courses)
    59 Elective credit hours (20 courses)

    Required Courses

    PSYC: 1100 Introduction to Psychology
    PSYC: 2750 Introduction to Measurement and Statistics
    PSYC: 2825 Introduction to Research Methods
    PSYC: 3550 History, Philosophy, and Systems of Psychology
    PSYC: 4900 Senior Seminar

    In addition, one course must be completed from four of the following six content areas:

    Biological and Evolutionary Processes
    PSYC: 4300 Health Psychology
    PSYC: 4400 Human Sexuality
    PSYC: 4550 Drug and Chemical Dependency
    PSYC: 4650 Physiological Psychology
    Clinical and Counseling Perspectives
    PSYC: 3125 Abnormal Psychology
    PSYC: 3775 Personality Theory
    PSYC: 3900 Introduction to Counseling

    Lifespan Development Perspectives
    PSYC: 2200 Child Psychology
    PSYC: 2250 Adolescent Psychology
    PSYC: 2300 Human Development
    PSYC: 2950 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
    Learning and Cognitive Perspectives
    PSYC: 3325 Psychology of Learning Processes
    PSYC: 3350 Cognitive Psychology
    PSYC: 3375 Behavioral Management
    PSYC: 3725 Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
    Social and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
    PSYC: 3575 Organizational Behavior
    PSYC: 3600 Social Psychology
    PSYC: 4350 Cross-Cultural and International Psychology
    Advanced Research Methods
    PSYC: 3800 Experimental Psychology
    PSYC: 4700 Psychological Tests and Measurements
    PSYC: 4750 Advanced Statistics
    PSYC: 4825 Advanced Research Methods

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