Kurs 76030 - Microsoft Excel 2007: Exploring the Basics - Online

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Informationen über Kurs 76030 - Microsoft Excel 2007: Exploring the Basics - Online

  • Ziele
    - Set up print options for single and multiple worksheets. - Link and manage workbooks. - Work with multiple worksheets. - Format date and time. - Format numbers using special formats. - Format worksheets to suit needs. - Add graphic elements to a chart. - Create and work with charts. - Use references. - Enter formulas and work with formulas and functions.
  • Anforderungen
    The audience for this course consists of small office/home office (SOHO) users to all levels of business users. These users possess basic to intermediate PC skills and want to use Excel 2007 as a productivity tool. They have a couple of years of experience using a PC and have limited or no experience with Excel.
  • Titel
    Kurs 76030 - Microsoft Excel 2007: Exploring the Basics
  • Inhalt
    Course Overview

    This course will introduce you to Microsoft Excel 2007. In the first unit, you will be introduced to the Excel 2007 interface. You will learn to identify the spreadsheet components of Excel, access help when required, work and manage workbooks, use templates and protect data. The Formulas, Functions, and Charts unit will show you how to enter and work with formulas. You will also learn to use references, and create and modify charts. The Formatting Worksheets unit of this course will cover methods to format worksheets. It will take you through the procedures to format text, rows, and columns. You will also learn to apply different styles, special formats, and format date and time styles. The final unit is titled Managing and Printing Workbooks. Here you will learn to work with multiple worksheets and link and manage workbooks. You will also learn to prepare and print a worksheet, and print multiple worksheets.

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    MOS Excel 2007

    Total Learning Time

    4 hours


    Unit 1: Introducing Microsoft Excel 2007

    - Describe the spreadsheet components in Microsoft Excel 2007.
    - Create Excel workbooks.
    - Work with formulas and functions.

    Unit 2: Formatting Worksheets

    - Format data.
    - Format worksheets.
    - Use special formatting.

    Unit 3: Charts and Templates

    - Create and work with charts.
    - Work with workbook templates.

    Unit 4: Managing and Printing Workbooks

    - Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks.
    - Print Worksheets.

    Course Access

    Each student has access to the course for a period of 6 months from the day of enrollment in the course.

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