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Master: Corporate Management
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Master: Corporate Management - Berlin - Germany

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Master: Corporate Management - Berlin - Germany Informationen über Master: Corporate Management - Berlin - Germany
Corporate Management (M.Sc.) - Master of Science Program in Berlin, Germany .
  • Start: October / March
  • Location: Berlin Course duration: 4 semesters (full-time)
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fees : For EU Applicants: 999€ per month (24 months) Total = 23,976 € For Non-EU Applicants: 1,099€ per month (24 months) Total = 26,376€
"The combination of theory and hands-on experience was extremely important to me. That’s why I chose to study Corporate Management." Eugenia Ekhardt, Graduate

With a focus on entrepreneurial mindset, the master’s degree in Corporate Management gives you an academically solid foundation as well as application-based skills for management tasks. The program is taught in English in the thriving cultural hub of Europe, Berlin. The selection of single, individual focus subjects enables you to flexibly adjust your studies to your specific career of choice: Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, and Human Resources and Corporate Development. In addition to the classic business management subjects, a number of leadership skills are trained, such as confident appearance, teamwork abilities and efficient organization.

  • Online application
  • Completion of a Bachelor’s degree, a German Diplom or Magister
  • Final grade of “Good” (GPA: 2.5), otherwise a letter of recommendation from the previous university
  • Focus on business within your previous studies (alternatively, you may attend preliminary courses)
  • Good English language skills (at least level B2)
  • Interview in English
Our principles:

BiTS offers individual, tailor-made programs and supports your personal growth. Ultimately, our aim is not only to educate you, but to also give you the opportunity and scope to develop a strong personality. To achieve this, we follow four principles in everything we do: the command of trust, the experience of success, practical learning, and thinking along international lines.

What does this mean

We want our students to command trust and experience success, both their own and that of others. Because we believe your studies should be directly related to the requirements of your future job, BiTS facilitates practical learning. This also means that, in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, you will think beyond cultural and language boundaries, and along international lines. BiTS offers an informal environment in which you can study and perform to your best.

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