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Master: Entrepreneurial Economics

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Informationen über Master: Entrepreneurial Economics - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - Berlin - Germany

  • Inhalt
    Entrepreneurial Economics (M.Sc.) -  Master of Science Program in Berlin, Germany.
    • Start: October / March
    • Location: Berlin Course duration: 4 semesters (full-time)
    •  Degree: Master of Science
    • Language: English
    • Tuition fees: For EU Applicants: 999€ per month (24 months) Total = 23,976 € For Non-EU Applicants: 1,099€ per month (24 months) Total = 26,376€
    "It is high time to rethink dominant maths-based economics. Economics is not a natural science. It primarily concerns human action and social organization. The market is an entrepreneurial process and Austrian economics is entrepreneurial economics. The BiTS study programmes offer an insight into this philosophical approach." Jürgen Stark, Former Chief Economist of the European Central Bank (ECB).

    This new master’s program combines high-level economics with application-oriented courses in business and finance. Economics is thereby taught based on the foundations of the Austrian School. Entrepreneurial Economics is the first English-taught master’s program in Europe that is solidly rooted in the Austrian tradition. However, besides the Austrian focus this program also committed to methodological pluralism, since all relevant schools of thought are included in the curriculum.
    Austrian economics, by its very nature, is entrepreneurial economics. No other school of thought investigates markets under the paradigm of human action and constant change. Combining classes in business and Austrian economics is thus a natural step. Together, they build a first-class education portfolio that teaches theoretical understanding, entrepreneurial thinking and independent decision making. These skills, in combination with the general analytical competence that this program conveys, lay the foundation for many promising career paths.

    • Online application
    • Completed Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with
      • a final grade of “Good” (GPA: 2.5) or better (alternatively, a letter of recommendation from your previous university)
      • a focus on economics, mathematics, or philosophy within your previous studies (alternatively, you may attend preliminary courses)
    • Good English language skills (at least level B2)
    • Interview in English
    Our aims:

    Our most important aim is your success. We are there to see to it that you are ideally prepared to launch your professional career and to make your own way. With this in mind, we educate our students to become young professionals with an enterprising spirit and approach. 

    How knowledge and skills are taught:

    Today, you need a combination of abilities to forge a successful career. Substantive knowledge and social skills, management know-how, and confidence at an international level are the basis for a managerial career in the free economy. These days, enterprising young managers with a good theoretical education and who have acquired relevant practical experience both at home and abroad during their studies are sought-after in all fields of business. We equip you to meet these requirements.

    The results speak for themselves: Graduates of BiTS enter employment very quickly.

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