Kurs 71597 - Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Error Handling, Testing & Distribution Issues - Online

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  • Ziele
    - Identify different Watch types and display data in the debugging windows. - Debug an application, create error handlers and perform error-handling for ActiveX components. - Select appropriate compiler options and compile an application conditionally. - Create an effective setup program, manage an application setting and Windows system registry, and distribute an application over the Internet. - Identify the services provided by Visual SourceSafe. - Optimize speed and size of an application.
  • Anforderungen
    This course is intended for application developers who will use Visual Basic 5.0 to create sophisticated business applications. This series assumes that the learner has experience with Microsoft Windows operating system 3.1 or later, and a knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet applications. Participants should also have the knowledge of Basic or another procedural language, including experience using variables, control structures like if-then-else statements and also looping structures like for and while loops. Participants should have taken Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Programming Fundamentals (Courses 71591 and 71592), Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Working with Databases (Courses 71593 and 71594), Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Crystal Reports, DLLs, Add-Ins and MAPI (Course 71595) and Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Working with ActiveX (Course 71596).
  • Titel
    Kurs 71597 - Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0: Error Handling, Testing & Distribution Issues
  • Inhalt
    Course Description

    This is the final course in a seven part series intended for application developers who intend to design, build and implement business solutions by using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. The series aims to enable the professionals to pass Microsoft exam 70-165, Developing Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0.

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    Unit 1: Debugging, Testing and Handling Errors 2 - 3 hours

    - Select the types of Watches in the Visual Basic debug environment.
    - Display the Watch window.
    - Display data in the Immediate window.
    - Display the value of a variable in the Immediate window by applying the Debug.Print method.
    - Display the Locals window.
    - Display the Call Stack dialog box to trace the flow of code through multiple procedures.
    - Test procedures and functions in the debug mode.
    - Assign a value by using the Immediate window to a property and to a variable.
    - Display the appropriate error message from the Immediate window for a specific error number.
    - Match the events with their solutions for debugging an application.
    - Verify code by using the Debug.Assert statement.
    - Identify the features of Compile On Demand in Visual Basic.
    - Create a common error-handling routine.
    - Enter the code for testing error-handling by generating an error.
    - Write the code for creating an inline error handler to run the application by generating an error.
    - Write the procedure code for centralized error-handling to include the error messages for specific error numbers.
    - Write the code for turning off an error handler.
    - Match the error-trapping options in Visual Basic with their features.
    - Create a test project for testing an in-process component by using a project group.
    - Complete the steps to remove MISSING references for a component by using the References dialog box.
    - Sequence the steps for in-process component debugging.
    - Write the code to raise errors from a server by using the Raise method.

    Unit 2: Compilation and Distribution Issues 2 - 3 hours

    - Identify the advantages of the native code over the p-code.
    - Identify the various native code compiler switches used for optimization.
    - Structure the code for conditional compiling.
    - Set the conditional compilation constants.
    - Create a setup program for an application using the Setup Wizard.
    - Identify the purpose of the Setup Toolkit.
    - Create an Internet download package for the ActiveX controls.
    - Edit the setup.lst file to create an entry for an application.
    - Save an application entry in the Windows registry using the SaveSetting statement.
    - Retrieve a list of key settings and their respective values from an application's entry in the Windows registry.
    - Delete an application's entry in the Windows registry.
    - Register components by using the Regsvr32.exe utility.
    - Register components using the Remote Automation Connection Manager.
    - Match the various ODBC entries used in the Microsoft Jet database engine with their descriptions.
    - Register an out-of-process component automatically.
    - Sequence the steps in which digital signing works in Internet distribution.
    - Identify the types of safety components for Internet distribution.
    - Set path for the run-time licensing file in a HTML page.

    Unit 3: Polishing Your Application 2 hours

    - Identify the services provided by the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
    - Set the HelpFileName and HelpContextID values to invoke the Help file automatically in a Visual Basic application.
    - Set the HelpCommand setting to invoke the Help file manually in a Visual Basic application.
    - Identify the techniques to optimize code in Visual Basic.
    - Identify the techniques to optimize the perceived speed.
    - Identify the techniques to reduce the code size of an application when it is running as an executable file.
    - Identify the techniques to cut back on graphics to reduce memory usage.
    - Identify the optimization benefits offered by the segmented application.
    - Match the key terms used in the development of international applications with their definitions.
    - Identify the advantages of designing an international software.

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