Kurs 72591 - Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 - Part 2 - Online

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Informationen über Kurs 72591 - Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 - Part 2 - Online

  • Ziele
    - Create a COM component that exposes properties, methods and events. - Create property pages for an ActiveX control.
  • Anforderungen
    This course is designed for programmers who need to create basic applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Participants should have completed the first course in this series.
  • Titel
    Kurs 72591 - Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 - Part 2
  • Inhalt
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    Unit 1: Class Modules - 4 hours

    - Identify the features of objects and components.
    - Identify the advantages of using COM components.
    - Identify the features of Distributed interNet Architecture.
    - Identify the features of class modules.
    - Create class modules using the Class Builder.
    - Identify characteristics of class module events.
    - Add component information and help files to a class module.
    - View properties, methods and events using the Object Browser.
    - Create properties and methods.
    - Identify uses of named constants.
    - Add events to a class.
    - Identify code to raise errors from a class.
    - Identify the code needed to test the methods and properties of a class.
    - Identify uses for collections.
    - Perform the steps to handle an event.
    - Create a data source class.
    - Create a data consumer class.

    Unit 2: ActiveX Controls - 4 hours

    - Identify key concepts of ActiveX controls.
    - Create an ActiveX control.
    - Identify the characteristics of UserControl events.
    - Identify guidelines for designing a control that can function in different containers.
    - Support the Enabled property of a control.
    - Identify the elements of a control that manage its appearance.
    - Identify ways you can customize an ActiveX control.
    - Identify the functions of ActiveX Control Interface Wizard.
    - Add properties to an ActiveX control.
    - Identify methods of exposing constituent control properties.
    - Identify ways of adding methods to an ActiveX control.
    - Store and retrieve property values.
    - Identify the code used to expose named constants.
    - Raise control events.
    - Test the user interface of a control.
    - Identify considerations for testing a control programmatically.
    - Identify the features of the Property Page Wizard.
    - Create the property page interface manually.
    - Implement Property Page behaviors.
    - Establish Property Page relationships.
    - Perform the steps to make a control bindable.
    - Enable updating of bound properties.
    - Display data in a custom grid using the DataRepeater control.
    - Test a data-bound control.
    - Create a data source control.

    Course Access

    Each student has access to the course for a period of 6 months from the day of enrollment in the course.

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