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Informationen über Master Management, Communication & IT - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - Innsbruck - Tirol

  • Ziele
    The Master’s program Management, Communication & IT enables participants to develop and focus on applying skills and theories that allow them to recognize and use market opportunities in- and outside organizations in the field of management, human interaction and applied informatics. Thus they are provided with the necessary base to be innovative and reach sustainable success.
  • Anforderungen
    Applications for the Master’s program Management, Communication & IT include the official application form and necessary enclosures required. Early application is recommended. In total, MCI admits 30 students per year to the Master’s program Management, Communication & IT.
  • Titel
    Master of Arts in Business / M.A. or MA
  • Inhalt
    The Master’s program Management, Communication & IT comprises 4 semesters with 15 seminar weeks each including a total of 78 credit units of required courses, which equals a total of 1,170 units of instruction. Attendance is mandatory in all courses.

    A total of 120 credit points (ECTS) are required. The full-time program comprises a workload of 3,000 hours, and one ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours of workload. All courses will be held in English.

    In calculating ECTS points, the following factors have been taken into consideration:

    - Presence (contact hours)
    - Workload: preparing for class and study outside of class (in the library, reading, etc.)
    - Practical work
    - Workload for term paper, presentation and project work
    - Workload for the exam preparation

    1st – 2nd semester: Fundamentals
    3rd semester: International semester (abroad or at MCI)
    4th semester: Master’s Thesis and final exam

    Business Administration & Management 50%
    Information & Communication Technology 30%
    Communication Science & Social Skills 20%

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