Kurs 13927 - Ethernet Part 1: Ethernet Fundamentals - Online

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Informationen über Kurs 13927 - Ethernet Part 1: Ethernet Fundamentals - Online

  • Ziele
    - Identify network fundamentals and the standards and elements of Ethernet. - Identify the media and devices used for an Ethernet network and the 5-4-3 rule for an Ethernet network. - Identify the Media Access Control protocol used by Ethernet. - Identify Manchester encoding and Ethernet frame formats.
  • Anforderungen
    The Audience for this course includes technical managers, system administrators, and system analysts. Students should have knowledge of computers and basic networking concepts.
  • Titel
    Kurs 13927 - Ethernet Part 1: Ethernet Fundamentals
  • Inhalt
    Course Overview

    This is the first course in a three part series that introduces Ethernet. Students will learn both Ethernet's origin and the fundamental concepts needed to understand Ethernet. It also covers Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection, Ethernet Media, encoding method and Ethernet Frame types. All of these topics are building blocks needed to understand the more advanced forms of Ethernet covered in later topics.

    Deployment Options



    CEU credits: 0.70 CEUs


    Unit 1: Ethernet: Introduction 3 - 4 hours

    - Identify the protocol to be used in a specified situation.
    - Identify the Ethernet standard to be used in a specified situation.
    - Match Ethernet elements with their functions.
    - Match the Ethernet media system types with the situations where they are used.
    - Identify the device type to be used in a specified situation.
    - Identify the network design that is based on the 5-4-3 rule in a specified situation.

    Unit 2: Ethernet: Fundamental Concepts 3 - 4 hours

    - Complete the flowchart that represents the steps for transmitting a frame by using CSMA/CD.
    - Identify the advantages of using the full-duplex mode of operation in a specified situation.
    - Identify the waveform that represents a Manchester-encoded bit stream.
    - Label Ethernet frame formats with their graphical representations.

    Course Access

    Each student has access to the course for a period of 6 months from the day of enrollment in the course.

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