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Master International Health Care Management

Bildungszentren: Management Center Innsbruck
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Bildungsart: Master

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Master International Health Care Management - Innsbruck - Tirol

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Management Center Innsbruck Tirol Österreich Bildungszentren
Management Center Innsbruck Tirol Österreich Bildungszentren
Master International Health Care Management - Innsbruck - Tirol Informationen über Master International Health Care Management - Innsbruck - Tirol
- To prepare students for the contemporary challenges faced by social welfare and national health systems and in so doing further develop health care at the local and international levels - To provide students advance knowledge regarding the particularities of traditional European social welfare systems based on the values of equity, solidarity, access to good care and universality, the different European national health systems, and relevant EU institutions - To equip students with all the administrative and management-related skills needed for a career in various private and public organizations, NGOs, companies, and institutions of health care, taking into consideration classic economic and organizational theory - To teach students the analytic skills needed to solve problems of high social complexity as well as to increase students’ competencies in effective communication and team work to achieve specific goals
Praktikas :
Connected, influential and mutually beneficial: These are words that describe our relationship with the numerous corporations and organizations that support and collaborate with MCI. Our degree candidates benefit through the scholarships, awards competitions, recruitment activities, and workshops provided by members of our corporate network. In return, these corporations benefit from reaching – and often recruiting from – a pool of the brightest and the best. In this context, students of the Master’s program in International Management and Health Care take the module ’Practical Experience & Integrative Projects‘ and choose from a broad range of relevant projects in cooperation with important companies or institutions, including SOS Children’s Village International, EHMA (European Health Management Association), World Wide Fund Austria, and Doctors Without Borders.
Applicants are required to - Have completed a higher education degree with a minimum of three year’s study (Bachelor’s degree) or specific post educational honors degree in one of the following subjects: Business Administration, Economics, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, or Social, Political or Natural Sciences. Outstanding academic performance is mandatory.
Master ‘International Health Care Management’

- title: Master ‘International Health Care Management’
- duration: 4 semesters incl. thesis and final exams
- time model: Full-time study program
- prerequisite:  Bachelor or equivalent degree in business administration, social / political sciences, medicine, economics or health sciences including public health
- annual intake: 30 seats available each year
- admission: MCI application form, an English proficiency certificate, 2 letters of recommendation, online entrance exam and interviews
- focus: Strong international, entrepreneurial and practical focus
- faculty: MCI faculty, lecturers and trainers from partner universities, experts and consultants from the health care sector
- study language: English
- other languages: A broad range of complementary language courses will be offered to the students
- academic degree: Master of Arts in Business / MA
- application: Applications may be sent to MCI at any time using the MCI application form along with the necessary documentation.
IMPORTANT: All transcripts must be attested. Early applications are recommended.
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